Jan 27, 2011

iDygest: At&T Offering Unlimited Data to Keep iPhone Customers From Defecting to Verizon?

The Associated Press reports that AT&T is quietly offering unlimited iPhone data plans to some iPhone customers despite having killed off its unlimited plan last year. AT&T discontinued its unlimited smartphone data plan this past June and switched to a capped structure, offering users 2GB of data each month for $25 or 250MB of data for $15. 1

The iPhone landing on Verizon is great news not only for Verizon customers, but also for AT&T customers who will for the first time reap the benefits that inevitably accompany increased competition. And now with the Verizon iPhone on the horizon, details regarding iPhone pricing plans on Verizon have begun to leak out. 2

According to The Associated Press, AT&T is employing an "unadvertised loophole" in an effort to retain some subscribers who contact customer service. 3

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