Jan 19, 2011

Found: Lost Pics of NY Blizzard- PASS IT ON

This is possibly the most interesting video I have seen in a long time- if it's true (sorry to be a tiny bit cynical)...PASS IT ON and repost and see if we can find the owners!   Super interested in getting this back to whomever shot the photos and seeing the story behind it all.

toddbieber | January 17, 2011 
I was skiing in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and I found a roll of film. I had the film developed and this is what I found.

Please contact me if you recognize the people in the photos. brooklynfoundfilm@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for the support! Your emails and messages have been amazing. As of Wednesday Jan 19th at 1AM -- I have NOT found the owners of the film. I'll keep you updated.

By the way -- This story is 100% true. Cross my heart. I didn't realize that would even be an issue for some people. haha. Just interested in telling my story and finding the owners.

The music is by Redneck Manifesto.

If you're curious about me: toddbieber.tumblr.com

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