Jan 10, 2011

Flooding in Toowoomba, Australia (video)

I've been so caught up with the news here in the US that I really hadn't focused much on the terrible floods in Australia.   Having seen how much destruction water can cause from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I think maybe some attention should be directed to the people living in these places depicted in the following video.   They are really going to need a lot of help...this flash flood happens FAST.

whitelightbringer | January 10, 2011 
Amazing footage of Chalk Drive / Chalk Lane Creek rising and washing away lots of cars during Flash Flood in Toowoomba on Monday 10 January 2011. This is some of the best footage I have seen of the Flood and was taken from the second floor of our office which backs onto Chalk Lane.

It shows just how fast the creek turned into a torrent and quickly flooded Chalk Drive and Chalk Lane.

I also got some video of where the creek crosses Neil Street and some video of the aftermath and the huge amount of cars damaged and piled on top of one another in the Chalk Drive car park.

See if you can count the number of cars that get washed away.

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