Jan 27, 2011


I guess the Sanitation Department hasn't quite worked out all of the kinks yet...

Look, I'm not saying that the plows have to magically make each street perfect- but I also know they are more capable than what they accomplished on these streets.   Here's the thing- the residents on these specific blocks are extremely vocal- year round.   If I had to put money on it, I'd bet that this is a way of sticking it to the residents.   It's kind of the same way the garbage men in my parent's neighbor hood will conveniently 'forget' to pick up the trash over the holidays, when it is at it's highest volume.  
When the streets in these areas are finally plowed, the snow that gets shoved up against the cars that are stuck, parked along the streets, has to be dug away from the vehicles...and ends up back in the street- so the problem continues to happen even when the plows make a sweep or two.   The reality is that when there is snow, one side of the street should be BANNED from having cars parked.   That way, the plows can run down the streets easily...and of course the plows should actually show up and PLOW.

Apparently it is going to snow again next week.   Maybe 4th time will be the charm?

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