Jan 28, 2011

Egyptian Revolution Jan 25, 2001 (video)

At the risk of sounding ignorant, I would like for someone to NICELY explain to me what the fighting is about.   No racism, hatred or anger- just explain it to me.   All I understand is that there is strife between the Christian and Muslim groups in Egypt.   I am not certain how that evolves into the government shutting down and the internet being stopped and fighting...without taking sides I wanted to share this video - it is amazingly well done and it should be passed along (received via tweet)
LA Philanthropy (@LAPhilanthropy)
1/28/11 4:36 PM
YouTube - The Most AMAZING video on the internet #Egypt #Jan25 http://youtu.be/ThvBJMzmSZI? \via @CaireneGirl RT @MrStevenGeorge

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