Jan 10, 2011

Ciara and Meagan fight over...BOW WOW?

It would appear that Ciara is not over her ex Bow Wow because, according to this post from h8teradeblog.com the girls threw down in a facebook brawl...
Why do celebs even go on these things? Better question: Why do they take their private life there? Well it seems like Ciara is still BITTER over the relationship between herself and Bow Wow. The two ended their relationship back in 2006 (yes 5 years ago exactly) and since then both Bow Wow and Ciara’s career are in the tubes and both of them are still single according to our snitch. Meagan and Bow Wow have been “talking” which is slang for hanging out, which is much to Ciara’s dismay.
On Sunday, after playing a basketball game with Omarion, Chris Brown, and Good, Bow Wow aka Shad Moss began FaceBooking Meagan playfully. Ci-Error then inboxes Meagan, calling her a whore. That’s when things went crazy. Back and forth CiCi went in on Meagan Good even going as far as to talk about Good’s mother.
In the end, Good takes the high road and said to Bow Wow “Im done with her…shad im done with yur ex…and im glad u dump her how dear (dare)  she..uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh”
Bow Wow then Clarified, “She left me but damnnn”

convo 1

Convo 2

Convo 3
In the end, Ciara looks like a bitter transsexual. Number 1, no one cared about that horrible CD or her. Her time to shine was in 2007 with Promise. With that album, for 1 second, she was the number 1 chick in R&B. Now she can’t even crack the top 20 with an album. Bitch your video’s aren’t even on BET’s rotation. Why are you coming for your ex’s current? Meagan Good get 10′s for shutting your wack ass down. But that’s NOTHING!!! Then Ciara goes off on Meagan Good’s Friend, and we have the INBOX MESSAGES.
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  2. So do I- her song 'Goodies' is the one I really enjoyed (I think that's the name) she dances in white pants and a blue bikini top I believe.

  3. This fake mess someone is really trying to destroy Ciara career jealousy is a sad thing. i hope Meagan did not go after Ciara over this foolish mess because she should no better the girls runs in the same circle of friends she knows Ciara character and thats not it. HATING ASS BITCHZ.....

  4. Based on the previous comment I guess I need to clarify, I am a Ciara fan...not as into her recent stuff as much as her earlier music but she can sing and dance and she's super talented. If you are calling me names at least read the whole thing before you start bashing- I don't screen comments because I like to let people speak their minds freely, but I will not let this blog turn into a hate fest. What are you mad about? All the previous comments are positive! It's very nice that you anonymously talked trash, but no one forced you to click the link to my blog so please keep it nice.

    p.s. You know they have IP trackers and I can just look at my log and see who you are right? 'Anonymous' is wayyyyy overrated!

  5. @ Chani
    Usually i make a comment an keep moving something guided me back. i wasn't personally targeting you i didn't feel you put this together this same scenario is posted on others sites. i stated my opinion i felted its was fake. My apologizes for using profanity,derespecting your site and personlly targeting you i ment no harm. Now if a site give me a choice of my username or ayonymous i chick anonymous. Once again i apologizes.

  6. No worries, I appreciate that you came back and props to you- it takes guts to apologize on the same site that the owner criticizes you on--- you are welcome any time and I hope you enjoy my other posts...I apologize as well for being a little harsh, i wanted to nip any hating in the bud instead of just deleting or disabling comments :)