Jan 31, 2011

Christopher Nolan: 'Dark Knight Rises' shoots in May

Dear Mr. Nolan,
I originally watched your Dark Knight movie on a crummy laptop (and it was a very bad copy) and wasn't really impressed.   The I saw the movie again in the theater- and it blew my socks off.   Heath Ledger of course overshadows everyone else because of his tragic untimely death- but there was a brilliance in each character and without the Ledger drama this movie would still have made headlines for the body of work.   Having said that, I know there are detractors and critics.   Look, I'm not a comic geek- I just like good movies and stories.   I have read comics, but I cannot tell who is from Marvel and who is from DC Comics (and for the record, the xbox Mortal Combat game that mixes the two have made it so I will NEVER get it straight!).   I liked Christian Bale's portrayal of a darker, depressed Wayne.   Michael Caine is a phenomenal Alfred.   AARON ECKHART- no words necessary.   (Actually, a few words- HELLO HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAST AS CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! Or Mark Valley).   Not ahuge Maggie Gyllenhaal fan but no sweat, at least she can act!   Really my only complaint is that you smashed a Lamborghini.   I literally cringed as I saw it in the trailers and I might have cried a bit when I saw the actual scene.   

Anyway, so because I am a lover of your work, I ask that you please make this sequel great.   Not GREAT in caps and bold  font but truly a piece of art.   A film so completely well thought out that only the very few looking to critique you negatively no matter what you produce will find anything  negative to say.   I ask you this because sequels usually suck and without some great tragedy to give it that extra flash this second movie may get an unfair amount of bad press.   Prove them wrong and make it even better.   No one thought Nicholson's Joker would ever be redone better- but that happened.   It doesn't bother me that a lot of Christian Bales bulk is actual rubber molded into muscles.   I saw him in Newsies and American Psycho, he can do no wrong in my eyes.   I'm not convinced Hathaway is the right Catwoman, but she is great on screen so maybe she can pull it off.   Just make it great.


At a tribute for Christopher Nolan at the Santa Barbara Film Festival Sunday night, the Inception director revealed that his third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, will begin production in May, according to ComingSoon.net. “We’ve worked on it a long time — [writer] David Goyer and myself. We’re about 12 weeks away from shooting.” Nolan also told the moderator that he ultimately returned for a third and, most likely, final Batman film, because, “It was about finishing the story.”


  1. bravo.

    btw Christian Bale isnt exactly the skinny kid from newsies anyomre

  2. He is every time I watch the movie! Every person has their list of movies that will always be magical no matter what- mine include Meet Joe Black, The Notebook, Titanic, Wally, The English Patient....and Newsies (among others!)