Jan 6, 2011

CES: Samsung's bendable cell phone screen

Samsung's bendable AMOLED display
Now that's what we call flexible.
(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)
LAS VEGAS--"Flexible" isn't something you think you needed in a cell phone screen, but CES is all about concepts and future applications in addition to big-name product releases.
That's why we were excited to see prototypes of two Samsung displays. One is a malleable screen you can actually bend in a wave or arc. The 4.5-inch screen has an impressive WVGA (800x480 pixel) resolution that you can curve. It's also paper-thin, less than 0.3m thick.

We may have been a bit drastic with our photo shoot (see image above,) but there is a case for curved screens on devices. Samsung is claiming that this iteration of the flexible AMOLED screen has a resolution four times clearer than its previous bendable model. It can withstand up to 400-450 degrees during manufacturing, 50-100 degrees past previous screens' typical melting point.
We also checked out a transparent qFHD (quad full high definition) AMOLED display that Samsung is working on for TVs and monitors. According to Samsung, this 19-incher boasts up to 30 percent transparency even when switched off, compared to 10 percent in most models.
During its demo, Samsung's set up its display like a diorama, projecting the moving image onto the box's transparent face while leaving a static background.

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