Jan 14, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

Watching the clip on Family Guy (see my previous post) made me want to go through the movie- I loved it when I was little and know all the songs and most of the dance steps!   I think I had dreams of being Ann Margret (Or Conrad Birdie!)
If you're not familiar- check out the trailer here
First up (and not in order of the movie just how I like them) is 'One Last Kiss'.   Definitely a shower song :) First up, the rehearsal scene and then the performance...

The song 'Telephone Hour' is hilarious...although I had no idea what 'pinned' meant for years.

Of course I used to sing 'How Lovely To Be a Woman' whenever I was putting on socks...
"Tonight, I have no plans I think I can get out until ten...."

The next song 'A Lot of Living to Do' is awesome- I know 99% of Ann Margret's dance and always wanted a pair of cropped pants like hers.

Dick Van Dyke, Paul Lynde and Maureen Stapleton are awesome in this one- 'What's the Matter with Kids Today'.   The little brother with the turtle was always funny to me.  
"It's my hair"
"Not till you're 21!"

I like her dress in 'One Boy' and I had the funniest crush on Hugo, played by Bobby Rydell (but not as much as Conrad Birdie)

The title song 'Bye Bye Birdie' was actually not part of the movie- at the last moment the director threw Ann Margret on a treadmill and had her record the song....which is great because it ended up being a defining song for the movie!   (And she looks phenomenal)

Dick Van Dyke and Janet leigh are so cute in 'Put on a Happy Face' although I always thought the animated faces were goofy.   Her dress is super cute though!

I can't find the awesome 'Spanish Rose' performed by Janet Leigh...but my searching brought me this hilarious nugget starring Vanessa Williams...

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