Jan 21, 2011

Bump (Like Facebook for the Freeway) via Urban Daddy

Bump and Run
Like Facebook for the Freeway

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Today we’d like to talk to you about a place that’s teeming with fresh-faced twentysomethings, gorgeous thirtysomethings and beautiful fortysomethings.

It’s called the 405. Total hot spot. Always packed.

And starting now, you can treat it as such. Rather than just, you know, a place to get you to the office.

Introducing Bump, which is a little like Facebook for the streets, now in beta.

Perhaps the best way to explain this device is through a hypothetical. Let’s say you’re stuck in traffic. (Stay with us here. It could happen one day.) Two lanes over, you see her: your soul mate. She’s like a cross between a 23-year-old Sophia Loren and a 28-year-old J-Lo. The only problem is, she’s about to exit on Wilshire.
If you’re both registered on Bump, this isn’t an issue. You’ll make a note of her license plate number, call Bump with this info, and in a few seconds you’ll be able to leave her a voicemail. Or if you’re more of a wordsmith, you can jot down her plate number and send her an email later.

Of course, getting attractive drivers’ phone numbers isn’t the only use for Bump. If you happen to see a car that’s about to be towed, you can be a Good Samaritan and send them a quick message to let them know.

Okay, it’s mainly for getting attractive drivers’ phone numbers.
Bump, now in beta, invites available by request

UD Hookup: The first 50 readers to use beta invite code “ud” (lowercase) will be immediately activated.

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