Jan 28, 2011

'American Idol' Top 5 Nashville Auditions, from Lauren Alaina to Jackie Wilson

The "American Idol" Milwaukee auditions were a tough act to follow, thanks to buzzy contestants like Chris Medina and Scott Dangerfield -- but tonight's Nashville episode had its share of big moments, too. Read on for our top 5 tryouts tonight, and tell us: who were your favorite "Idol" hopefuls? 

1) Lauren Alaina
Song: Faith Hill, "Like We Never Loved At All" 
 Steven said: "I think you should cry, because you're gonna make 40 million people cry. Tears of joy, baby."
Jennifer said: "Don't cry, you're gonna make me cry, too!" 
Randy said: "Best I've seen today in Nashville. I'm tellin' you, I'm blown away."

We say: Lauren's got the story and the teen appeal to go far, but it's her voice that could easily propel her straight in to the top 10. In the words of Randy, we've got a hot one right here! 

2)  Jackie Wilson
Song: Aretha Franklin, "Until You Come Back to Me"
 Steven said: "You were so feeling it in the high notes, and just lettin' it out and tellin' it like it is."
 Jennifer said: "You made us clap!" 
 Randy said: "Yo, yo, Jackie's first concert. Yo. Crazy, dude. Crazy vocals. You did it. Crazy. What? That's what we're having." 

We say: Jackie Wilson may not have had the heartwarming backstory Lauren Alainna did, but her vocals were just as strong, if not moreso (and hey, weren't her parents cute?). With those powerhouse pipes, this girl's going to breeze right past her Hollywood foes. 

 3) Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bolin
Songs: Bee Gees, "To Love Somebody" (both), Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On" (Rob) and Brandi Carlile "The Story" (Chelsee) 
 Steven said:  "Your harmony together was so deep."
 Jennifer said: "As beautiful as you both sing separately, you sing really beautifully together, too."
 Randy said: "I think that you both have very interesting, great voices." 

We say: This ex-couple from Nashville dated for three years and have been performing together since the day they met. Then, they split up, and kept living together even while Chelsee moved on to another boyfriend. Chelsee seemed to think this was all very funny, but just watch Rob's face when Randy asks him how he feels. The man's hurting. Hey, Rob, if it's any consolation, you're way better than Chelsee, whose shouty vocals surely won't do her any favors in the coming weeks. Team Rob all the way! 

4) Stormi Henley
Song: Tamela Mann, "Father Can You Hear Me"
 Steven said: "You got a beautiful little tight, squeaky little voice. You never blow it out a little harder than that? You never let loose?" 
 Jennifer said: "I think you're gorgeous, but the voice is not strong enough for me."
 Randy said: "Is there singing in this competitive thing with Miss Teen USA? ...It was just OK, I don't know. It was small, but it was powerful." 

We say: Like Bikini Girl, Stormi's beauty will only get her so far. Also: Ew, Steven. Just ew. 

 5) Paul McDonald
Song: Rod Stewart, "Maggie May" 
 Steven said: Nothing -- there wasn't enough time, apparently. 
 Jennifer said: "Mmm, I like it." 
 Randy said: "Very nice. Very nice." 

We say: Who is this, and exactly why did we only get to see him for 18 seconds? Was he just not trainwreck-y or tearjerker-y enough to warrant screentime? Next time, producers, please show some more love to contestants like Paul McDonald, and in the meantime we'll be looking out for him in the next round. 

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