Dec 2, 2010

TK-421 iPhone Case w Flip Key Board -

Um- I want one.   Not enough to buy it- I tend to buy the cases for a penny on Ebay from China (which is why I have seven cases for my phone- only two of which I actually ever use).  
TK-421 iPhone Case w Flip Key Board
This is kinda cool, but possibly annoying and until I actually try it out I won't know which one it really is.   On the one hand- having a flip out key board could be really convenient- although I am phenomenal at one handed texting without looking at the screen so this is not actually a necessity for me.   However, the extra heft, weight and girth this case adds might negate any convenience- so until I test it jury's out on this one.   Anyone try it yet?

TK-421 iPhone Case

We taunt our monkeys Brett & Julie for sticking with Blackberry, but we have to agree, the physical keyboard is pretty handy to have. Even though our iPhone enthusiasts are used to typing on glass with no tactile feedback, nothing beats having real old skool style buttons to mash your thumbs on. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the TK-421 iPhone case with flip-out keyboard. This case has a handy built in keyboard that rotates out when needed. Use it for e-mails, texting, apps. It's almost like your iPhone gained an extra super power!
There are two models of the TK-421 case, one for the iPhone 3GS and the other for iPhone 4. Yes. We know that the iPhone 3G is the same form factor as the 3GS but unfortunately Apple decided that the 3G was just too slow to add Bluetooth™ keyboard support into the OS... go figure.
iPhone models
Product Features
  • Give your iPhone a real flip-out tactile keyboard
  • Keyboard flips out for use, then flips back in when done
  • Magnet based clasp keeps keyboard in position whether flipped in or out
  • Increased typing accuracy and speed
  • Precise hard clicky keys... not mushy rubber keys.
  • Works with any app such as e-mail, web browsing, notes, and calendar
  • Completely wireless Bluetooth™ connection does not use dock connector
  • Keyboard powered by built in rechargeable battery, recharges via included USB cable
  • Invented and designed here at ThinkGeek
  • Models available to fit iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4
  • (Please note that the iPhone 3G will NOT work with this case. The OS does not support Bluetooth™ keyboards.)
iPhone is a Registered Trademark of Apple, Inc. This product is not an officially licensed product from Apple, Inc.

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