Dec 1, 2010


For those of you who are looking for a job (specifically in NYC for now) a friend of mine has started a pretty cool website that is definitely worth checking out.

Here's a short bio to explain:
Temphunt: The Gist of It - is a database of temporary workers with a search engine for companies and organizations to find them. The workers (Temps) can fill out profiles with all of their information including: head shot, headline, introduction, keywords, links to social profiles, other links, availability and how much they are willing to work for per hour.

The employers (Hunters) can perform a search by answering the question "What would you like your Temp to do?". Hunters can fill in answers such as "help me design my website" "create a social media experience", "trade show help" or just "filing". The search will return the most relevant Temp profiles which the Hunter can browse through, click on a profile and then contact the Temp.

The Story Behind Temphunt (in the words of my friend) - When I was growing up, I often worked temp jobs to make my spending money. I worked as a waiter, valet, secretary, telemarketer, fundraiser, bookkeeper and many other positions. I managed to find some jobs but would have liked a better way to find them. When I started working a full time job, I ran events and tradeshows where I always needed extra hands and could never find exactly what I was looking for. As I continued in my career, I noticed more and more of a need for temporary help, but not just for tradeshows. Manufacturers, retail stores, hospitals, marketing firms, law firms and accounting firms all had holidays and busy seasons that required extra help.

Temp agencies and staffing firms came with a finders fee and hourly premium and took some time to find temps. Online alternatives such as Craigslist turned out to be way too time consuming as I would have to wade through and follow up with hundreds of emails that read "I'm available, call me".

After experiencing both sides of the temp world, I decided that there had to be an easier and more cost and time effective way of finding temporary help and the idea for Temphunt was born.

The Launch of Temphunt
Temphunt was recently launched in New York City including all boroughs.  Temphunt also has a blog about the service and the Temp Industry.

If this seems like the type of website that could help you or someone you know-  spread the word!
Facebook - Like the Temphunt Facebook page!   Commenting, participating and recommending to friends is also great.
Feedback - you can send feedback through the "feedback" tab on the side of the site or through the contact form

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