Dec 2, 2010

More iPhone Stuff...

And now that I am suddenly infatuated with (I blame Smodcast and Kevin Smith- that's the podcast I listen to and they were advertisers for one podcast and then disappeared but I still checked out the website and now I am addicted).  
Here are two more fun iPhone gadgets- and yes- I want them.   Just because.

iPhone Jackpot Slots

If Bender had a docking station, this would be it.

There are a lot of things you could be doing while waiting for your iPhone to recharge: you could take a power nap, drink a cup of coffee, take the dog for a short walk, open a bank account online, knit a very small sweater, or even write a letter to a friend.
Slide In
Don't worry, we're thinking the same thing. Why bother with all that "living" when you can gamble? The iPhone Jackpot Slots Dock and Charging Station is a casino-style slot machine that does everything you'd expect a slot machine to do except spit nickels in your lap. Just place your iPhone or iPod Touch into the dock and you've got a working one-armed bandit that plays one of five different slots games. Jackpot Slots also includes online tournaments and a chance to win an IRL getaway to Vegas along with monthly and quarterly prize drawings. When you're done gambling, just pull the slots lever all the way down to eject your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Product Features
  • Jackpot Slots app includes 5 different solo games, plus online competition
  • Jackpot Slots app is a free download from the iTunes App Store
  • Works with iPhone or iPod Touch as long as you have iOS 3.0 or up
  • Includes USB cable for charging and syncing

Turns your iPhone into a mini pinball cabinet!

Pinball Wizard
The ThinkGeek MegaPlex is filled with many strange and wondrous diversions: full-size cabinet games, Xbox, Wii, Hans, even a competition-grade foosball table. Yet, the one thing we're missing is a pinball machine. It's a shocking omission and one we need to rectify very soon. While we're waiting for the overlords to approve the expense, we've found that we can scratch the urge for some fast, flipper action with this clever little dock that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a mini pinball cabinet.
Slide In
This cabinet boasts all the pinball controls you'd expect, including a working ball-launching plunger and flipper buttons. The free, Pinball Magic app in the iTunes App Store comes with several board layouts and supports classic pinball features such as tilt detection, replay, and multi-ball modes. The game also features multiplayer modes so that you can challenge your friends.
Also, like any other dock, you can charge and sync your iPhone or iPod Touch via the included USB cable.
Product Features
  • Working ball-launching plunger
  • Realistic mini-flipper buttons
  • Classic and unique board layouts
  • Tilt detection, tilt warning and activation
  • Replay bonuses and and multiplayer competition
  • Works with iPhone or iPod Touch as long as you have iOS 3.0 or up
  • Includes USB cable for charging and syncing

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