Dec 22, 2010

Michelle Williams - Heath Ledger & Blue Valentine

I assume that like anyone who knew who Heath Ledger was, everyone also wanted to know what his ex and mother of his daughter felt about his death.   Michelle Williams finally sort of opened up about the subject during this interview.   She is so sweet and well spoken, almost magical to watch.   Ryan Gosling (who I still  find absolutely adorable and who I used to have a crush on when I was ten and he was on a show called Breaker High) sits down for a few minutes of the interview as well- he is so charming and the camera just loves him!   I like how they play up the mystery of the question (are they dating/did they date) by answering but still casting doubt when they deny it, sort of....

Also, Ryan and Michelle have a movie called Blue Valentine coming out- and the release date was just bumped up to December 29th in LA and NY (yay!).   The movie is considered to be very provocative- so much so that it had to fight to be lowered from an NC-17 rating!   It succeeded, which is why we will soon be able to see what all the fuss was about.

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