Dec 9, 2010

A Maccabeats Proposal - Chavi and Yossi

Since I wasn't expecting the insane amount of views from the last one, I wanted to get this one up before it went super viral.   The now famous Maccabeats (of Candlelight fame) sang backup as the soon to be groom proposed by singing a song he wrote to the tune of Dynamite, and then the Maccabeats continued singing as the girl accepted and everyone congratulated.   It is super cute and very sweet.   Also, this was done BEFORE they became huge youtube superstars, talk about GREAT timing :)

There are some funny things that I have to mention- at 3:45 they are singing Lecha Dodi to my favorite song and if you pay attention at 8:55 they turn a pretty song into a great one!   I first hear this version a few months ago when my 'little' brother sang it and totally caught me by surprise (the original is a top ten sing at the top of your lungs in the shower song).

If you are interested here are the lyrics:

yossi proposes in pizza pious and with the maccabeats help, he sings an amazing song!!!!

Yossi Lyrics:
I'll tell a tale...
Of how we met in a hotel...
We were both about tweleve...
Into our friendship I will delve



My love goes on and on and on...
Our single days are gone


I get down on bended knee one time
Chava Raizel
Baby, let's go
Down the aisle on our special night
Chava Raizel
Please accept my proposal

Will you marry me?
On our wedding night
We will nervously be
Walked down by candlelight

Now I'm asking once
And I'm asking twice
My sweet Chavi
Will you be my wife?

On the phone all night
Our feelings did take flight
You were a girl from SKA
I was a bochur who went to MAY


Our year in Israel
My love for you kept going
When we make our home
My love will keep on growing

Cuz IIIIIIIIIIII can feel it

Think I wanna marry you!!!

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