Dec 13, 2010

Jets Coach Alosi Suspended for tripping Dolphins Carroll

Seriously?   A strength training coach for the Jets TRIPPED a player from the Dolphins sending the player flying and all that happens is a suspension for the rest of the season and a fine?   I don't get it- does the coach have some inside info on the team owner or something?   Why hasn't he been fired and blacklisted from ever working for a football team again?   Tripping a player is the most foul move an opposing coach could possibly make!   And, before you all jump on me for this- HE ADMITTED HE TRIPPED HIM ON PURPOSE!   Wow.   First baseball's corruption was outed--- if football starts getting shady too I will be devastated.   Where is pride and honor in actually playing an honest game?  

Alosi suspended for rest of year without pay

Jets strength coach Sal Alosi did not suffer the same fate as the late Woody Hayes.  But Alosi has absorbed a significant punishment for tripping Dolphins gunner Nolan Carrollduring Sunday’s game between the two teams.
Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Alosi has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season, including the postseason.
We still think that this shouldn’t conclude the matter.  There’s too much evidence to suggest that the Jets align Alosi and others on the edge of the field in situations like that, and it’s important that the league investigate whether and to what extent the Jets, or other teams, have engaged in such actions.
UPDATE:  The team has announced the move.  It includes a $25,000 fine.

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