Dec 10, 2010

Jersey Shore - Season 3 Previews (NSFW)

They're He-ere!
The Jersey Shore - Season Three

The "Jersey Shore" crew's second go 'round in Seaside Heights hits your TV sets exactly one month from today (that's Jan. 6 for people currently experiencing the Groundhog Day phenomenon--we're right there with you), and to whet your appetite for what's sure to be another season of championship drinking, bitch-slapping and smushing, we're leaking a few of the individual pix fromMTV's cast photo shoot. First up, check out this hot shot of the new girl, Deena Nicole, showing off her bubbly personality with a pinup pose and her trademark hair flower:

And here we've got JWOWW working the pole while Snooki works the bubbies and furry boots:

Lastly, a sight for sore eyes: VP! Vinny's rocking the SBTS (Shirt Before the Shirt), and Pauly D's rocking some vintage shades. (Their other wingman, "M," was busy napping on a beach chair.)

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...still have about five episodes of Season 2 I haven't seen yet.
Jersey Shore: Season One (Uncensored)                                                           Jersey Shore: Season Two (Uncensored)

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