Dec 22, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal gives great presents!

Ummm- anyone else care to wager how interesting (and by that I sort of mean damaged) Taylor Swift is going to be if this blooming relationship with Jake ends?   She is still sort of young and he is a seasoned Hollywood dater- it is so cute that they are in love but hopefully it lasts because otherwise she is going to be very disappointed with the next guy she dates!   He is one of the best gift givers I have read about in a while :)
Here's what Perez Hilton thinks...

jake gyllenhaal gets great gifts for taylor swift
Last week, Jake Gyllenhaal scored some serious Swizzle B-day points by getting Taylor Swift a $10,000 rare Fender Gretsch guitar, signed by country star Chet Atkins.
Apparently, the guitar was just one of the SMALLER gifts for Taylor, because Jake also reportedly spent $100,000 on a diamond bracelet for her.
Here's what a source had to say about the bracelet:
"It's an Oscar-worthy bracelet - nearly 30 carats of colourless diamonds set in white gold."
According to In Touch Weekly, the bracelet was sent to Taylor earlier this month along with other more modest presents.
Here's what the source had to say about some of the other presents:
"They love coffee, so he sent her 21 pounds of the best Kona coffee available, along with a coffee grinder and a coffeemaker. And he made her a birthday card, as opposed to buying a generic one."
Those presents sounds wonderful, but more than anything else, we're impressed to hear that he made her a birthday card!
So romantic and thoughtful! We're totally jealous!
We can only imagine what he'll get her for the holidays…

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  1. i stopped reading after the Gretsch, but i would date that guy if he would give me a friggin Gretsch, George played a gretsch when they played on ed sullivan...