Dec 30, 2010

Jabba the Hut Snowman

So awesome!   I love when people get creative and take the time to share it- check out this phenomenal recreation of Jabba the Hut complete with food coloring hues that someone sculpted out of snow.   I look forward to their renderings of R2-D2 and C-3PO as well.   Or Chewbacca :)

Photo via Furious Fanboys
If ice planet Hoth is in Williamsburg, is the desert planet in Spokane, WA? According to this photo, yes—yes it is... or maybe Jabba the Hutt has left Tatooine and is making his way to Brooklyn. Either way, someone make one of these in Greenpoint so we can stage a mock interstellar battle before the real thing goes down—surely some local young creative out there is dying to dress in Leia's gold bikini. Start by making a Pit of Carkoon in McCarren Park... may The Force be with you, etc.
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  1. You the snow is falling heavily ah.
    What is in front of the animal?

    video intercom system
    baby monitor

  2. Not sure what you are asking, but yes, there has been a LOT of snow in the area :)