Dec 4, 2010

Gylne Tider - Let It Be (Celebrity Cover)

I don't really get what all of these famous individuals are singing about- it seems it is to promote a TV show- but it's super interesting to watch.   It's almost as though the three dudes in the red sweatshirts were out in Malibu and Santa Monica and Venice and stumbled into each person and asked them to sing a line!   Super cool- see how many you know!

Here is the translation of what they posted on youtube as the explanation-
This is a music video That the promoter Norwegian television entertainment program "Golden Times". The program runs on the TV channel, TV2 in Norway. TV2 Norway ha the ownership of the program. You Can Also see the video here: ...
Season 4 of the golden times of their music with all interviewees. Big stars from around the world, mostly from the 80's and 90's.Golden times goes on Norwegian TV2 Sundays 21.40.
Roger Moore (James Bond)
Huey Lewis
Jason Alexander (George in Seinfeld)
Ricki Lake
Josie Biesett
Alberto Tomba
John Nettles
George Wendt (Norm in Cheers)
Paul Mackenna
Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs in Miami Vice)
Glenn Close
Gorden Kaye
Pamela Anderson
Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun)
Dolph Lundgren
Kelly McGillis
Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks)
Daryl Hannah (Roxanne)
Lou Ferrigno (Hulk)... and many more!
PS! December 3, 2010 Sports Guy33 posted this on Twitter:Welcome to the funniest 6 minutes of 2010. And maybe ever. (Link here)
- It led to hundreds of comments and many likes and dislike. The comments show that they do not understand the concept of the film, and that Americans are not particularly retro.

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