Dec 31, 2010

Gloves for Iphone or Ipad....

OMG- it has been so frustrating to deal with touchscreens and winter!   I have definitely been in situations where I am driving and my phone rings and I can't get my gloves off quickly enough to answer so I use my nose (yeah, you heard me right- and if you have an iPhone you've done it too!).   I got fed up and searched for fingerless gloves that have a flip top, but got annoyed when I realized I'd still have to flip the tops offto answer...then my hours of Ebay searching rewarded me with this- and I am so completely grateful.   My gloves arrived today and although I was inside and had no need to do so, I wore them for a few hours and played with my phone, just to test them out.   They absolutely work perfectly, added bonus- no fingerprints :)

The three fingers on each hand have electromagnetic threads woven into the tips so you can use your phone easily and safely- GENIUS!   And a million times better than the Do-It-Yourself options I saw online when I was searching...
I am not going to wash them though, as long as I can avoid doing so, because I don't know what will happen- but if you have an iPhone or touchscreen device, check these out....and don't get the blue ones, I have those.

Here is the link to the same seller I bought them from-Shopmye
And here is on of his listings:

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