Dec 30, 2010

Britney Spears To Premiere 'Hold It Against Me' On January 7 Radio program director says the track produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin has a 'really unique' beat.

 Radio program director says the track produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin has a 'really unique' beat.

Britney Spears is making sure to start the year off right with new music. As speculated, the pop princess is set to premiere her brand-new track called"Hold It Against Me" late next week, according to Entertainment Weekly. In the latest issue of the magazine, Sharon Dastur, program director for New York's Z100, dished a few details about the pop star's anticipated new single.
"It's produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin," Dastur revealed. "And the beat that they give her is really unique compared to other artists — this infectious bass beat beneath the song. Plus, the hook is just amazing. It will be out on January 7."
Rumored lyrics to "Hold It Against Me" circulated on the Internet earlier this week, but Britney's camp has yet to confirm whether they are real or not. And while details about the track remain scarce, a tweet from Dr. Luke indicated that it will feature a guitar.
Fans began speculating about Britney's new single when reported on the song earlier this month. Dr. Luke also began to tease fans about the tune, tweeting, "I/we never wrote a song called 'don't hold it against me'.... BewaRe of InaccuraTe info kids ;-) We did write 'hold it against me' but those lyrics are NOT the lyrics ...."
Swedish producer Shellback recently spoke about Spears' work ethic and professionalism while working on her new LP, which drops in March. "[Britney]'s actually damn professional. You read a lot on the Internet that Britney is not singing and mimes, but she is actually damn professional," he said. "She's done it since she was 16. And just rhythmic way, she is f---ing awesome! And you do not have to go through and talk about the rhythms and stuff that you sometimes have to do. She's very easy in the studio."
The "3" singer has already begun casting dancers for a new music video. Just last week, the fansite posted a notice sent out byBritney's team announcing auditions for a video shooting in January. In avideo purported to be shot during auditions, which were coordinated by choreographer and former Britney collaborator Brian Friedman, dancers are seen learning a routine to "Criminal Intent" by Swedish songstress Robyn

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