Nov 13, 2010

Steve Perry - Journey Comeback?

There is a rumor going around that Steve Perry (the original singer for Journey- the band who sang the original 'Don't Stop Believing') is going to rejoin the group!   I know there is some behind the scenes jealousy/issues between band mates, but come on it's STEVE PERRY.   You know- oh wait, you probably don't- so here:

Whatever you want to say about him- he could/can sing.   PLEASE COME BACK STEVE PERRY- I will come see you in concert (right after the Backstreet Boys/NKOTB concert in June!!!!!)

Funny story about this final video- I was having a rough day and decided to run on the treadmill to work out the anxiety- and this song came on my ipod.   Not exactly a 'running' song- but somehow I got into it and started BAWLING running at top speed...miracle I didn't fall off and hurt myself- but there's something about this song, it just stirs up emotions that you didn't realize you had.

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