Nov 9, 2010

Jon Stewart Producer Punches 9/11 Truther

Ok- I watched this video and for 85% of it thought the wrong guy was the dude who gets punched- it was only towards the end when he says he got punched and shows his 'scars' that I realized I was watching a video that's rooting for the wrong team!   I thought Jon handled the heckling very well (what did the guy expect- JON STEWART IS A COMEDIAN) and while it's unfortunate that the situation resulted in an arrest, honestly by the end of the video I wanted to take a few swings at the guy too.   The real issue I have is that i still don't really know what point he was trying to prove- I THINK it has something to do with not investigating 9/11 better and all that but what does that have to do with Jon Stewart?   He is definitely not the only person to ever dismiss 9/11 theories, so how is this all connected and HOW was it kept under wraps when the coolest rally ever was held SIX WEEKS after this whole thing happened????

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