Nov 15, 2010

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Wow- I don't even know where to start! In an effort to bring tourists into the country the creators of Ferrari World have done everything they can to make this place the coolest venue ever.   One big draw (aside from the collection of Ferrari's and other car stuff) is the world's fastest roller coaster 'Formula Rossa' which goes as fast as 150 mph and uses and 'aircraft carrier-like hydraulic system' to shoot its coasters along the track.   You also get to ride in cars modeled after actual Formula 1 race cars.   The best part of the video (for me) was at the 1:09 minute mark -in this case 1:09 minutes LEFT- where the music from Top Gun starts playing!

In case you have never seen Top Gun (wtf why not????) I have included a video for you:

p.s. If anyone knows people over at EA or RockBand- tell them to add this song to the game!!!!

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