Nov 21, 2010

Eva Longoria + Tony Parker = Grease

So it's hilarious and so awkward at the same time- Eva Longoria just filed for divorce from Tony Parker, who plays basketball in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs.   They were in the middle of divorcing amicable (purported anyway) after it all blew up when she found hundreds of texts between him and another player's wife, Erin Berry, and he admitted to infidelity.  Eva and Tony were going to divide assets and file jointly but then it apparently hit Eva what happened and she filed without him and alerted the media- which is how Tony found out she had filed!

It gets worse.   A promotional video they made for the Spurs has surfaced - and trust me, you want to see it.   Eva and Tony play Sandy and Danny and spoof Grease!   And who plays Rizzo?   Why....the lady caught in the middle- Miss Erin Berry.   Kind of apt in an ionic way, don't you think?

By the way, after watching this I am once again absolutely convinced that the NBA needs to ban it's players from trying to crossover into acting/singing of any kind.   PSA.

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  1. "kinda ionic"... wow as in polarized.
    i gotta spend more time outa the science department lol

    but seriously this is hilarious