Nov 17, 2010

Edan Pinchot - AMAZING VOICE

Edan Pinchot is twelve years old- but he sings with the most amazing panache that seasoned professionals acquire after years of trying.   He sings this great medley of songs- love the way you lie, cooler than me, billionaire, airplanes and nothin' on you - and he makes the arrangements and everything.   Amazing.

Next he covers Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are

Followed by a cover of Shontelle's Impossible

A wonderfully haunting version of 'Rhythm of Love' from The Plain White T's

And of course- no amazing musician's repertoire would be complete without a cover of my favorite song of all 'Hallelujah'


  1. this kid is amazing!!!!!!!! i am in love with him!!!!!!!! he better become famous!!! amazing voice

  2. I agree- pass the link on to your friends and spread the word. I'd love to see him making it big! I love to post videos like these, keep checking back for more new music.

    Thanks for commenting,