Oct 5, 2010

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair feat. Nicki Minaj

I am stuck on the original of this song for some reason, but now that there is a Nicki Minaj remix I like it even more.   It is super fun to drive to- and for a young girl Willow Smith sure is starting out strong, I would suggest anyone who doubts should place their bets now, so I can laugh all the way to the bank cuz this kid is gonna bring it HUGE one day :)

Also, I have gotten super obsessed with Kevin Smith and his myriad podcasts- he is super funny and recently he brought up this song on his show, Hollywood Babble-on a.k.a. H.B.O. (he talks about whats up with Ralph Garman who does the coolest celebrity impressions- Sean Connery has 'guest starred' so often he should get a guest credit).   They were kind of not impressed with the song, but they did play two seconds of the chorus without much else so I don't think it was given a fair shot.   But they are pretty funny and press is press, so rock on.   I will do an extended Kevin Smith post at some point later, but you can check out his NSFW show:

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