Oct 27, 2010

Six Things You Didn't Know About Rock Band 3

Like the title says...

In case you've missed some of Game Hunter's Rock Band 3 coverage, includingthe complete song list revealed here, MTV Games has confirmed an October 26 release for the rhythm game sequel, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. And you're probably aware you can play keyboards this time around, with an optional game/peripheral bundle available at launch.
We caught up with Daniel Sussman, project lead for Rock Band 3 at Harmonix, to give us a half-dozen lesser-known facts about the upcoming music game.
About face. You can put yourself in the game via Rock Band 3's awesome character customizer and face creator. Tailor yourRock Band 3 avatar and band down to the last detail and then watch your doppelganger star in all the game vignettes as you progress through the game from catching the train to play a $5-paying gig to jumping your private jet to Japan to headline a sold-out arena.
Get socialRock Band 3 will feature full Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing you to share playlists and other in-game information. Additionally, Rock Band 3 is nearly sentient as it will magically prompt you to buy a song if you play a friend's playlist featuring songs you don't have.
Challenge me. A new in-game goal system features hundreds of challenges for players that cover a broad spectrum of player skills and instruments and includes goals for players who want their mettle tested, like "Obsessive Compulsive," which is completed by hitting every "note" in Rock Band 3.
Switch it up. You can play traditional Rock Band keyboard parts with your existing Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitar or bass. Similarly, you can use your Rock Band keyboard to play guitar parts, which can be an interesting challenge on Expert!
More is better. Previous Rock Band downloadable content (DLC) and tracks from previous Rock Band games (Rock Band 1 & 2, Lego Rock BandGreen Day: Rock Band, track packs and more) can be exported into and played in Rock Band 3 -- which will result in more than 2,000 songs to choose from by the time the game comes out. Additionally, Harmonix will consider upgrading existing Rock Band DLC to include the newRock Band 3 features based on community feedback onrockband.com.
Training = fun. As players practice pro drums, keyboards, bass or guitar during the pro instrument training modes forRock Band 3, they will be able to play along with original tracks specially written and produced by the musicians/bands at Harmonix. Songs genres include country, blues, rock, metal, and so on.
By Marc Saltzman

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