Oct 5, 2010

John Lennon Cover Song Contest Finalists

John Lennon Cover Song Contest
I am super psyched to see which entry wins!!!
Few people can truly be called music icons, but the late John Lennon is more than that: he's the quintessential rock legend. Both as one of the Beatles and later as a solo artist, he had influenced just about every person who has picked up a guitar or written a rock song since 1964. What better way to honor one of the world's greatest musicians than to show how his music lives on?
As part of our celebration of his 70th birthday on Oct. 9, Billboard.com went looking for a new working class hero who could truly rock a Lennon tune. Fans everywhere tuned up and turned in some inspired covers of Lennon's tunes. We've narrowed the field down to four finalists: three that we've picked, and one chosen as the most-liked entry from among all of those that came into our Facebook page. Now it's your turn to vote on your favorite finalist. Watch each of the entries below, and then vote using the poll beneath them by 11:59pm ET on October 7, 2010.
The best performance will not only be announced in an upcoming issue of Billboard magazine and featured on Billboard.com as part of our official John Lennon Birthday package, but the winner will also score a huge prize package.

The Finalists
 1. Rob Beavers - "Come Together"

2. The Canon Logic - "Real Love"

3. Estee Maria Hadzikostas & Danny Borg - "Don't Let Me Down."

4. Jacob Jeffries Band - "Real Love"

So I really love the first song- Come Together and the last one- Real Love.   I am undecided but I think I like The Jacob Jeffries Band 'Real Love' best.


  1. ESTEE MARIAhas my vote on the John Lennon Contest on Billbosrd!!Amazing voice!

  2. I like the tone of her voice and she had some great moments but I felt she needed to do another take to make it perfect- I'm not hating I just think the Jacob Jeffries cover was more polished. Realistically, I knew all four would be great or they wouldn't be the final four chosen :)