Oct 5, 2010

Jimmy Fallon - A History of Rap


I feel like this is the start of a good joke- what do you get when you mix Justin Timberlake with the Roots, Jimmy Fallon and the Sugar Hill Gang?

"I said a hip hop ....."
So this was super cute walk down memory lane (even though a lot of this came out and was popular before I was aware it even existed).   I wish someone would post a version with the artists and song title so we could appreciate it a bit more, I was a little lost at who they were repping at certain points but I can try to type up the ones I knew both the artist and the song...I did like JT's Snoop Dogg impression- and that is a song I totally recall loving even when I had no idea who D-O-double G was :) And then they went into Biggie (It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up Magazine!).   I have vivid memories of the 'Hi my name is (what) my name is (who) my name is chka-chka- Slim Shady' and then Missy Elliot 'is it worth it let me work it I put my thing down flip it and reverse it' into Soulja Boys 'Superman' complete with the dance move which I can do thanks to the numerous youtube instructional videos...Kanye West and Jaime Foxx 'Goldigger'...and then the loudest applause Jay-Z in 'New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of....'

Ok- so much cooler if some of the artists had surprised them to sing their parts :)   but very cute.

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