Oct 9, 2010

Hollywood Babble On (H.B.O.) w/ Kevin Smith & Ralph Garman and Smodcast w/ Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier

I have mentioned my new found Kevin Smith podcast addiction a few times now and I have been promising a real post so here you go.   Basically, Kevin Smith (just google him if you have no idea, seriously-if you are under 40 how can you not know who he is?) has this website- www.smodcast.com and he hosts a different type of podcast for each day of the week.   For those of us bad at math, that is seven.

I started by listening to Hollywood Babble On, a show he does live in the SmodCastle in LA (which I absolutely want to attend and plan on doing so shortly).   I found it on iTunes when I was looking for a new podcast to listen to in the car.   I saw there were five episodes, I grabbed all of them- and have basically not stopped talking about them since.   Ralph does the most amazing Sean Connery impressions.   He does other ones too, and very well, but the Connery one is the winner.   Kevin is one of the funniest people I have ever heard speak- sometimes without trying to be.   I love how he really has no filter- he literally says whatever words come to his mouth.   I didn't realize it until today when they mentioned they received their 'first fan email' that the show was only seven episodes old.   By the way, Neal's drinking game is great- and I would totally play- but then I'd fail the sobriety test :)   I don't want to try to narrate what it is they discuss because you really have to listen to the entire thing (or at least, then entire portion of the conversation that applies) but I promise you will laugh at some point at least once.

I thought I was not that familiar with Ralph Garman (although I do know of the radio show he is on KROQ's Kevin & Bean) but then when I looked him up I realized he has been a presence in my life before- he does voices on Family Guy and American Dad - which is even funnier when you know about the 'feud' Kevin has with Seth McFarland.   If I have to explain anything in that last sentence you really do need to spend a few hours on wikipedia and Hulu.

I found a great summary online that really outlines the point of the show and what to expect-

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman Team-Up On New ‘Hollywood Babble-On’ Podcast

So H.B.O. is awesomely entertaining, refreshing and daring- they definitely take pot shots at some of the biggest names in the industry.   For some reason they do not fear repercussions but it is thrilling to know someone enormously successful could potentially get extremely upset and make this whole thing even more popular!   In case Ralph is thinking to himself 'Epic Failure' right now as a result of the possible backlash against the show I say 'C'mon Ralph, give it a chance!'   I definitely want to keep hearing these shows every week.

This brings me to the next K.S. show I am obsessed with - Smodcast.   Kevin and his friend Scott Mosier (Sm+mo+dcast) basically talk as if they are alone hanging out and chilling.   Only, this is not a G or PG rated conversation.   Very rarely does it maintain less than a solid R rating and typically it spikes up to NC+17 at least once.   And it is fantastic.

I have learned that Kim Campbell was the P.M. of Canada at one point (when I lived there it was Jean Cretien and I have no idea how Canadian politics has evolved since we moved).   They have discussed Helen Keller and how the heck you would explain what an 'elephant' is to a blind/mute/deaf individual.   They also theorized  so many what if situations- some slightly based in reality, others very much not.   I also now know many of Kevin's personal likes and dislikes and that he absolutely adores his wife.   I relate very strongly to that last part (about the wife) because he refers to his intense attraction to her often and it reminds me of my hubby, which is nice.   There is one slight drawback- the show has episodes available from 2007, so I started from there, and we are currently still in the Bush era, the 'new' Indiana Jones flick is coming out soon and Kevin is going to make Red State next.   (In reality, Obama has been president for 2 years and a bit, the Indiana Jones   crystal skull thing has come and gone and they are supposedly working on another Indy film and Kevin Smith is currently filming Red State.   I have a lot of catching up to do--- but I am chugging my way through each episode, laughing hysterically.   You should definitely check them out.

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