Oct 6, 2010

Glee - Grilled Cheesus

Wow Ryan Murphy, this episode was one of the weird ones- where you walk away a little unsettled (remember the paralyzed football player singing with Rachel) but there are also some interesting things so you can't quite hate it... sigh.
So, I am not a huge fan of preaching any sort of religiousity of any sort to anyone.   My perspective has always been to each his own as long as you are a good person who does not set out to hurt others you can believe, love and live as you choose.   I knew this episode was about religion but I was hoping it would be a fairy tale glee-ed out version with anthem songs and quirky one liners.   Nope.

So in the recap we find out (because I was actually curious about this) that Sam (new kid, big lips) is still the quarterback...they tend to slip facts and details into these recaps so I always have to pay attention.
Finn is making himself a grilled cheese sandwich on the george foreman because his mom is away (remember that for later please) and when he opens it- there is a Jesus on his sandwich.   Cue the harps.
'And when I pulled it out I saw the face of God.   Literally.   I had made a grilled cheesus."
Finn looks at this miracle in wonder and murmurs "I'm so hungry" and cuts it in half (so he can eat the non religious figure half) and narrates 'I'm not the most religious guy, I sort of worship ERIC CLAPTON and Ocho Cinco...' Um- really?   Clapton?   Because I have been WAITING for a Clapton song sir.   Put your money where your mouth is and deliver on that one please.   After eating the half, Finn wraps the Cheesus in saran wrap on the plate with a 'do not eat' note and stores it in the fridge- but not before he prays.   "Dear Grilled Cheesus, first of all you are super delicious.   Please let us win our first football game, it would mean so much to Artie, and I think you kind of owe it to him I mean you did sort of screw him in the leg department.   And in return, oh Cheesy Lord, I'll make sure we honor you this week in glee club."
Lo and behold the next day, they win the game- and Finn sinks to his knees on the field and raises his hands up to the heaven 'Thank you grilled Cheesus!"

Kurt stops by his dad's shop to drop off a healthy breakfast and his dad reminds him about Friday night dinner with Finn and his mom- and Kurt gets sort of huffy and annoyed because as a teenager Friday nights are important and he has 'Sing Along Sound of Music' tickets- an annual show.   His dad wants him to come anyway because it was a family tradition Kurt's mom started and now that he is dating Finn's mom he wants them all to be a family too- but Kurt resists and his dad says he is disappointed in him.   Why are all the scenes in his dad's shop sad or hard?

Cut to Glee Club- Finn raises his hand and zealously asks Mr. Schu if he can speak "Something has happened to me and it's shaken me to my core" and Puck says "Oh my god he's coming out!" and Finn continues "Yes, there is man who sort of recently come into my life and that man is Jesus Christ" to which Puck responds "That's way worse" and Mr Schu looks frustrated- Quinn however looks pleased.   And Finn explains he was hoping they could pay tribute to Jesus this week in music and Kurt sort of cuts him off "Sorry, but if I wanted to sing about Jesus I'd go to church, and the reason I don't go to church is because most churches don't think very much of gay people..."long pause..."or women"...pause..."or science.".

Puck gets up and in the religion theme and 'Keeping with my record of only singing songs by Jewish artists" sings Billy Joel's 'Only the Good Die Young".   I love him but I am so AWARE of the autotunedness of the songs this season- what is up with that?   Did they hire a new sound editor?   Also, what does this song have to do with religion besides the idea that holy people die young because they are virtuous?

I have to be honest- i was totally bored with this episode.   I don't even want to rewatch 90% of it so I am going to shorten it- Kurt's dad has a heart attack and is in the hospital unconscious, Arie is playing for the football team, wheelchair and all.   They are huddled and Sam calls the play, but Finn convinces him to change it and they break- and then the guy Sam said would hit him did and he hurt his shoulder so Finn became quarterback again- but they won too!   Yay?

There is one amazing song- Kurt sings "I Wanna Hold your Hand" by the Beatles- but he does the slow (lesbian) version that T.V. Carpio sings from Across the Universe (BEST MOVIE!).   Kurt is mad his dad is sick and doesn't believe in god and is angry that the others are trying to pray for his dad...

Rachel sings the song "Papa Can You Hear Me" from Yentl (originally sung by Miss Barbara Streisand) and it's lovely but again, kinda boring.   Also, it goes from her and Finn sitting outside and her singing, to them standing around Kurt's dad in the hospital- and Rachel is still belting it out- if I was in that room I would have cracked her across the mouth and told her to shut it- hello, dude in coma, SHHHHH. Anyway here, listen:

Ok- and then FINN- YES!   He FINALLY sings something I am impressed with (from him)- He sings R.E.M.'s 'Losing my Religion' and he does it well- he is angry (Emma kinda made him realize grilled Cheesus is just not going to make things happen for him, even if he did get to touch Rachel's boobs).

So to wrap it up, Kurt's dad is going to be ok, Sue fought Mr. Schu on allowing church into public school (state) and also played checkers with her handicapped sister, Finn ate his cheesus sandwhich - SERIOUSLY- isn't it like a week old and you have been dragging it around into the locker room and everywhere with you?   Ewwwww.   Oh, and Kurt went to church with Mercedes and she sang a church choir version of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.

And then, finally a GREAT finale song for an otherwise drowning episode- Joan Osborne "One of Us" which I have always loved and is also a karaoke favorite (no seriously, I have it recorded from over ten years ago).   It's like Ryan Murphy went into my tape deck and stole my mix tapes for this episode!

I don't watch the promos or read much of the gossip while the season is airing because I like to watch each episode with unbiased eyes and give MY opinion, so hopefully next week is amazing to make up for the religious mediocrity of this weeks episode.


  1. it's interesting that you found this episode boring. i thought that glee is finally getting it's stride back. i loved the songs, i loved the story, i loved the angst. they made the religious people look like crazy zealots and the non religious look like bitter angry people who cant believe in anything because life is hard on them. which is basically the two extremes of both sides.
    honestly the hardest part of this episode for me to watch was artie on the football field.

    PS. the i wanna hold ur hand from Across the universe sung by Prudence... great call. and i felt that they worked it in incredibly well. sometimes i see them drop a line or a story to make the lyrics of a song fit (which is ok because its TV) but i honestly did not see this one coming. ME. the beatles fan. it was great.

    PPS. Tina sounded great at the beginning of What if god was one of us.

    PPPS. i picked up my guitar and played the soundtrack from this episode (with Yentls song)... good fun.

  2. I forgot to post a bunch of things- Puck giving J-man a shout out, one of his favorite Hebes, the kid who plays young Kurt in the flashback during his 'I wanna hold your hand' song, and Rachel's comment to Finn about how her fathers were both slaves and her children will have the right to practice whatever religion she chooses for them (paraphrased but you get the idea).

    Hoping next week Kurt's dad is better and we move on to happier things. No, I will not use the word gleeful in the previous sentence even if it is the correct use of the word! :)