Oct 13, 2010

Dirt Nasty + LMFAO - I Can't Dance

At least Simon Rex has a sense of humor about himself right?   This is the brand spanking new video for the collaborative effort between Dirt Nasty and LMFAO aptly titled 'I Can't Dance'.   And yes, they sampled Hava Nagila.   I think it was filmed in Wonderland in LA judging by the dance cages on the ceiling at the club, or if it was in a studio they were trying to mimic that look possibly.   It's pretty funny, even if you're not a fan- although since I am it's absolutely hysterical!


  1. It was filmed at Voyeur in West Hollywood.

  2. Sadly I have been away and am obviously not up to date on the interiors of every place in Hwood these days...no worries though, planning on being back asap :)