Oct 7, 2010

Camp Simcha - Waving Flags

I can't watch this without tearing up.   From what I have been told, this camp makes dreams come true for these kids during the summer.   Every person who takes their life, family, freedom, health for granted (or just forgets to be thankful every once in a while) should watch this as a reminder of how lucky we are- and how wonderful these amazing people are to make this small difference in the kids lives.   Please share it with everyone you love and appreciate.

http://www.chailifeline.org | http://www.campsimcha.org

This music video was created by the campers and volunteer staff of Camp Simcha, an overnight camp for children battling cancer, as our summer music project to generate pediatric cancer awareness. Everyone had a blast making this video and we hope you enjoy it as well.

Camp Simcha is a program of Chai Lifeline.

This video was made possible by the Ariella Horenstein Music in Our Lives program.

Video Credits: Akiva Bomzer, Amitay Stern, Yehuda Klein, Moshe Wasserman, Ephraim Shapiro & Mordy Tiefenbrunn.
Lyrics: K'naan
Audio Credits: The Amazing Campers of Camp Simcha & Shmuli Glick.
Music: Sruli Portnoy, Mendy Portnoy & Mikey Holder
Choreography: Scott Moerdler, Moshe Reiss, RN, Moshe Buchen & Moshe Deutsch.
Photo Credit: Benji Weintraub
Thank you to Ari Dembitzer & Shaindy Lowenthal.

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