Sep 2, 2010

Recidivism in the US - TI Arrested for Drugs

Really TI? Again?

Last night Rapper T.I. arrested on drug charges in West Hollywood on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood after an officer pulled them over when he saw smoke wafting from their car and smelled weed at a traffic stop. You'd think after the splash Paris Hilton's arrest made last week people would at least be more careful. Reality is, TI (real name Clifford Harris Jr.) is in big trouble. He was recently released from federal prison after serving time on a weapons charge- meaning, he is still on probation. When you are dealing with federal probation, one slip up and not only do you get thrown back in prison, you also usually have to serve any time that you got off in order to get out early. So, any time he spent in halfway house and his good time credit (usually about 15% of the actual) sentence will get tacked on to whatever he gets from this new charge. It's not that the charges here are so bad- it's that it happened while on probation.

It's pretty sad that this guy seems to get it together- he has an album coming out and is in the hit movie 'Takers' released this summer- but then he screws up in a big way. And it's frustrating that he could be an amazing role model, if only for this pesky issue of constantly breaking the law.

A really detailed article was just published - HERE - since he served three months in halfway house, that would be added to whatever he would get if sentenced to prison for this drug charge (which is likely).

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