Sep 22, 2010

Glee - Audition (Season 2, Episode 1)

Hmm.   I loved the opening intro.   Jacob was great and the one part that sticks out specifically was when he asked Mr. Schu what he thought about people commenting on his blog that they hated his rapping and Mr. Schu is caught totally off guard and says 'Seriously?   They hate my rapping' to which Jacob nods.   I feel like Rachel Berry was very acted in this episode.   A lot of close up shots of her eyes/mouth...very aware that she is a character, not really lost in it like I was last season---maybe the bangs are distracting me?

Sunshine- well, she has a wonderful voice and her accent is oddly entrancing.   I feel like she is Tila Tequila's mini me (in a good way I guess).   When she sings 'Telephone' in the bathroom with Rachel (what an odd sentence to type) it was the first time I ever HEARD AUTO TUNING on the show!   It actually annoyed me A LOT- and I liked the performance!   The best was Sue bursting in and shouting 'Shut up!'.

I also like the new guy- blonde kid with (as Puck commented) the biggest mouth I have ever seen.   I don't know his name or anything about him but he can sing- although once tune.   I know, they are singing songs that originally have auto tuning in them- but it feels a lot more fake than the previous season songs somehow.   I was not that impressed with the 'New York' rendition (um, how awkward does Rachel look when she's dancing and pretending not to notice the camera?).

I know, I am bouncing around the episode.   I was sad that there was no Emma.   The new coach- Miss Biest- is kind of interesting, but a little too emotional so far.   I did not mind the whole Mike Chang/Tina thing but did they have to get rid of the other guy? (Sorry, don't remember his name- Mike's dancing buddy) Oh.   Maybe that's why he 'transfered'.  Speaking of which- Cheyenne Jackson.   Ok- first off- I thought Cheyenne was a girl's name?   Wasn't there a girl on MTV who had a show with that name?   He was on 30 Rock (the 'hot' comedian) and I like that he is on the show- but he was wayyyyy to serious- but I did like how he sniped Sunshine from Mr. Schu for Vocal Adrenaline- and even helped her transfer by carrying her pink knapsack for her.

Finn.   I think by making him try out for the Cheerios it was a sort of inside joke (or maybe a 'fans are you paying attention thing) poking fun at the fact that he is clumsy on stage and can't actually dance in a coordinated manner.   Cute.   I liked that the handicap girl was at the table with Sue judging the auditions.  

Sue totally reams Santana for getting a boob job over the summer- did you notice how many ways she was able to describe it in a derogatory way- hilarious!   As a result she made Santana be at the bottom of the human pyramid and demoted her from captain- which she then gave to Quinn who sweet talked her way back on by reminding Sue of all the donations she could raise by showing church groups she rehabbed a teen mother.

Britney was not that noticeable (that's ok- I think she shows up big time next week for the BRITNEY EPISODE- can't wait) but she did have a few good lines.   The one that stands out is 'Stop the violence' when Quinn and Santana come to blows- yeah, serious blows, it was AWESOME!   (Although in reality I think Santana could have kicked her ass).   At one point they are yelling insults and Mr. Schu has stepped in to break it up reminding them that they said they were 'like' family' and Santana yells at Quinn - You HAVE a family!   Britney was also manipulated by Sue to falsely accuse Coach Biest of inappropriate touching- which she admits is a lie- but when she leaves Figgins office she is cradling the 'show me where she touched you' Cheerio doll.

I had a lot of comments as I was watching but wanted to pay attention so have forgotten a lot of them.   I am sure I could write them all up if I tried but I am honestly just excite for next week.   I did not like the last song Rachel sang about love, I didn't like how bossy she was against Finn and how disconnected Artie is when he is not with Tina.   Hopefully the show can retain it's shiny glow from last season.

Welcome back GLEE!

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