Sep 13, 2010

Cory Monteith - Ferarri California

Ok, so I have been obsessing over this car since it debuted and I got to see it at the LA Auto Show when it first came stateside...LOVE!   The one I sat in had the perfect tan leather interior and awesome red start button like a fighter jet...LAMBORGHINI ARE YOU LISTENING??? Make a hardtop convertible PLEASE!!!!   Preferably a two door- none of this confused 'Four door 2 full 2 half seaters' that seem to be popping up everywhere (Sorry Lexus IS, it's true- shoulda made it a two door and called it a day).

Anyhoo, apart from the fact that I am somewhat of a Gleek and love the show, music, characters but am seriously frustrated that I had to wait months between part 1 and art 2 of the first season...and putting aside the issue that Mr. Monteith (I shall henceforth refer to him as Finn) obviously blew his big paycheck on this purty piece of, why didn't anyone teach him how to drive it before he took it off the lot?  

Oh honey, no- you NEVER exit or enter anything with the slightest hint of a slope straight on when behind the wheel of a super car- ALWAYS enter at an angle, otherwise you annihilate the front!   So, while I am adoring and happy you are slowly learning how to move less awkwardly as each episode progresses and I am supremely psyched for Season 2 to begin already, please take some time off and call me for some lessons!   I will happily teach you a thing or two (or ten) about caring and loving exotics.   Treat them the way you would the most fragile newborn that you can absolutely kill it when you open it up on the road :)


  1. you have killed newborns on the open road... ?

  2. Silly rabbit...leave it to my dear friend anonymous to mistakenly assume the killee is the 'fragile newborn' and not the open road :)