Aug 4, 2010

THIS is what a full closet looks like!

I get teased a lot for having a lot of clothing, shoes and products...I tend to buy shoes in bulk- if i find a pair I like I'll buy it in a few colors.   Don't get me started on products- I think I would live happily ever after in a drugstore with free use of the makeup aisles.   Anyway, I watch Imogen ( and all of her youtube video tutorials and today I went onto her website to look at the new hair extension colors she has in stock (it was a momentary idea that has now passed since I have never worn extensions before and certainly am not going to start by ordering my first pair from England!).   She had a video up on her site from this girl DulceCandy   and suddenly it was hours later and I had watched most of her videos--- the girl does really detailed makeup application explanations, which I like, but which also makes me feel like I need to have a more complicated makeup routine, so not sure if she is good for me yet or not...

This video gave me pause.   I recently lost my mind and sold basically everything in my closet on Ebay.   I also listed and sold most of the products that I saved and never used- I tend to stockpile, as I mentioned.   Suddenly I am watching her do a tour of her 'closet' (she turned her spare bedroom into a walk-in) and I am getting anxiety- I never had as much stuff as she currently has- I am literally itching ot go over there and clean out her room and sell it all for her!   Seriously- if you put a $10 sticker on every item (assuming most are worth more but depreciated value due to use or age) she is sitting on a chunk of change!   I admire her makeup skills and like some of the outfits she puts together but I think I have to stop watching her stuff because it makes me want to buy things too...I am wondering if she suffers from some sort of shopping addiction.   I definitely have my moments where I spend without realizing but I have a built in $10 limit on impulse purchases so I am usually ok.  

I just want to show specific people that while I may have a lot of dresses, shoes or eye shadows, I also have self control and that the amount of stuff I have really isn't as crazy as it sometimes is made to seem :)

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