Aug 25, 2010

Lexus LFA ...Jay Leno tests it out

I have lusted after this car since I saw a sketch in a magazine and everyone laughed saying Lexus would never make a super car that could compete with...well, any super car. Watch it and weep folks- this is definitely a super car and since I love Lexus because they just tend to do it right (minus the old lady body styling on the SC430 which has been discontinued and replaced with the IS C). The interiors always make sense, they use great materials and in my opinion are great overall quality. Plus, if you ever go on a 5+ hour road trip (which I do frequently) you will DEFINITELY notice how comfortable they are!

p.s. I know Lexus is owned by Toyota and therefore this is actually a Toyota super car- however, they built it under the Lexus badge, so there. (I know the other car junkies will be all over this if I don't make it clear I already know this).

Anyway, Jay Leno 'tested' one- or rather, talked for a minute and let someone else test one. Here's the video.

One thing I noticed in the video is that there are actual KEYS...why? Lexus has fobs- who uses keys any more? (look at the 1:53 minute mark) I am really over the matte finishes too- a speck of dirt shows up horribly on the cars- I want shiny, glossy titanium paint with carbon fiber and metallic interiors please. I LOVE the dash display. It's annoying that Jay just records the intro and then we have to watch these two shout over the roar of the engine to discuss the drive...but I still like the car.

The cars aren't sold out, they haven't been built yet- you have to put down a pretty steep deposit and meet with a 'specialist' (regular salesman won't do) before they will even talk to you about placing your order. You buy it sight unseen, unless you are lucky enough to get to an event like this. I would buy it without testing it though- even resale it would be in high demand, for the time being. However, I want a few changes- put in E-gears so I can drive it and come out with the HARD TOP convertible version please.

You can view photos and other stuff on HERE

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