Aug 25, 2010

J Brazil on Bad Girls Club 'Girl I'm Tryin'

Awesome- watching the latest episode from the Bad Girls Club and what song do they start playing at 5:05 seconds....J BRAZIL - GIRL I'M TRYIN'!!!!! Sweet- way to go J- these shows get replayed a million times- your agent better have worked out a royalties deal for you :)

Hulu seems to want to block the video (some people are having trouble seeing it) so HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK

And, because I love this song and was at the first live performance of it- here, again, is the video from that show:

1 comment:

  1. I think it's funny- the song is about a guy who wants to be a player and then they aired it when these girls are going to a lesbian club- it puts a different spin on it :)