Aug 6, 2010

Eminem and Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie music video

There is a lot I was thinking about when I watched the video.   First of all, aside from reading a comment somewhere that this song was about domestic violence, I actually figured it was more about overcoming addiction.   Oops, my bad.

Dominic Monaghan is an odd choice, I wouldn't have thought of him in this role, but he fits it really well.   Of course, to me he will always be Merry the Hobbit first (I think he played Merry), the rocker dude on Lost second, and then the double sided good/bad scientist missing a finger on Flashforward :)

Megan Fox.   Sigh, where do I start.   STOP GETTING FILLERS- ESPECIALLY IN YOUR LIPS!   About three quarters of the way through the video there is a great closeup of her doctor's handiwork.   Girl, you are gorgeous, stop messing with it.   It is painful to watch her change her natural beauty into the standard Hollywood plasticity.   I can name two girls that look just like her, both just as stunning- but also just as doctored.   Sigh.   And I want her boots from this video too.

Rihanna- can't you just tell this is her telling Chris Brown that even though it was messed up what he did, a part of it was wildly exciting and her 'bad girl' side loved it?   The look in her eyes as she sings makes me sad for her, I remember when she sang that song I never learned the words too- pond de' rippa....back when she wore cargo pants and tank tops and had long hair.   I do like her makeup as usual though.

WELCOME BACK EMINEM!   As a longtime fan I am glad you did not OD and are finding a way to be relevent again, I have missed you!   Not certain you need to be solely serious though, definitely hoping for another 'Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up' type video!   The shots of you in the wheat field are great- the whole video has a great crisp quality that I like.   Well done.


  1. gotta what Eminem does... every time.
    do you hear the way they drop the first bass note after the record scratch at the beginning of the song? if i had been listening hooked up to my amp instead of on a laptop sound card hooked into headphones i would have been throw like Marty at the beginning of back to the future:D

    Rihanna is rihanna. dont really care for her music but this is pretty good as a filler for Eminem (kinda like Dido in Stan. i wasnt a Dido fan and i dont like the original song but when used in counterpoint to the rap it works great)

    The imagery in the video IS AWESOME. 'nuff said.

    i think it's hilarious how in the opening verse rihanna curls half her lip when she says "Hurts" it made me crack up so i had to restart the video cause i missed the next 30 seconds.

  2. EDIT: gotta ***love*** what Eminem does... *** and he does it almost*** every time.

  3. Dominic Monaghan!i forgot to comment on Dom!

    if you'de watch CHUCK like i told you to you see how he IS this role.

    (not all of Chuck, he was only in one episode, but he was epic)

    its kinda funny how i started using the word epic... the internet is making me stupid

  4. one last thing... ( i know i know i should have just made one post and i should use more punctuation)

    If u want to hear some real Eminem listen to Not Afraid, better yet watch the music video, i could probably comment on every shot and every lyric in that song... i think its his best of his new stuff

  5. If you want to listen to some REAL Eminem I have all his albums :)
    I am glad he has new stuff out but he needs to maintain this hype and keep it hot- maybe even another Dream On!