Jul 7, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Court Video

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to serve 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab (not to run concurrently) and there is video of her begging the Judge to be lenient.   I think the lifestyle young stars like her end up living really twists their priorities and their perception of 'normal' so while it is her fault that she is in so much trouble, I see her as a very sad, sick girl who is unfortunate that she really doesn't have a good support program (family).   It's just an all around bad situation- no matter what treatment she received she would be slammed as getting preferential treatment or unduly harsh treatment due to her celebrity status.   I do wish she hadn't had the words 'F*** U' on her middle nail, because it just gives everyone more fuel to gossip about how she doesn't take this seriously.   She shouldn't get a pat on the back for complying with her program, but at the same time within her abilities and twisted outlook it seems she did sort of try to comply completely.  The prosecutor obviously has it out for her (as most prosecutors would given that these high profile cases are career makers that enable them to command very high paychecks and corner offices once they leave public office and go into the private sector).   She'll be ok, if she can get through her sentences without more drama, but she really is alone in handling this at the end of the day so she will probably encounter some issues along the way.   You can watch the video of her explaining it to the Judge here   and then her reaction as she gets sentences here.

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