Jul 3, 2010

Don't Kiss the World Cup...

Yikes!   Can you imagine what whoever made this intended to do with it?   My imagination is spinning- maybe someone on one of the teams special ordered it to have at their after-party celebrating their win..kinda memorable to produce a sniffable World Cup at a celebratory party!   Be a night no one would forget :)   Yeesh, betcha it could have ended up on Ebay!   Also, did the artist who rendered this have to try a few times to get it right?   I would hazard a guess that whoever made it would be, ah, familiar with the product, and working with it to make a statue would probably give you a contact buzz of some sort...right?

Colombia cops find World Cup made of cocaine

14-inch-high statue found at airport, inside box headed for Spain

updated 2 hours, 57 minutes ago
BOGOTA, Colombia - Fans worldwide have fashioned replicas of the World Cup trophy out of everything from papier-mache to plastic. But a lawbreaker in Colombia gets top prize for most original material: cocaine.
Airports anti-drug chief Col. Jose Piedrahita says that Colombian authorities found the unusual statue during a routine security check by anti-drug agents Friday in a mail warehouse at Bogota's international airport.
The 14-inch-high statue was inside a box headed for Madrid, Spain. The statue was painted gold with green stripes on the base.
Piedrahita said Saturday that laboratory tests confirmed the cup was made of 24 pounds of cocaine mixed with acetone or gasoline to make it moldable.
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