Jun 11, 2010

NBA Finals...bringing fans together while tearing humanity apart!

I am secretly obsessed with reading thedirty.com... it thrills me to read about regular people who do stupid things and get called out for it.   It sucks if it happens to be the ONE time an individual screwed up, to get shredded that badly, but that's life.   Nik is usually pretty funny, and I'm not sure it's intentional.   He just says exactly what is wrong with each person- either the submitter or the submittee (so be warned- don't try to self promote for thrills on his site- he WILL call you out!).  

Nik  and I usually end up predicting the same things regarding the Lakers, and we have both basically been right most of the time.   I can admit when I'm wrong though, and I was wrong about the Lakers winning Game 4, but I did post on fb prior that I was 40% sure the Celtics would win to drag out the Finals anyway so...

Read his post about the game, then read the comments- WARNING- Absolutely NSFW due to language...and the site itself is NSFW at ANY TIME (no complaints that I didn't warn you).   I laughed so hard reading the comments, it was like watching a slow motion train wreck getting bombed by napalm   WOOOOSH KaBOOM!

What should have been a rowdy discussion about how the GAME was played ended up turning into a racist, slur filled shout out to degenerates everywhere.   For some reason reading these comments gave me so much insight into who the rest of his readers are, and (not surprisingly) not all of them are rocket scientists.   I am not even judging their intelligence, it was just so off the wall out of control- and off topic.

Back to BASKETBALL for a minute...Lakers are going to win, because they can't let the Celtics take it from them again, and I want them to prove once and for all that finesse and controlled skill trumps tricky, sneaky street ball any day.   Pierce, I'm talking to you...and stop teaching the younger players it's ok to play scrappy!

Side note- WTH is ARTEST?   He is supposed to be the anti-Pierce, the token scrappy Laker who can get match Pierce blow for blow when he gets physical!   Get it together guys.

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