Jun 21, 2010

Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Original :(

I am a big fan of her new song 'Can't Be Tamed' so I was psyched to watch the live performance from the Much Music Awards this past weekend...until she came out on stage in a Lady Gaga white body suit and started doing the jerky seizure dance.   Sigh.   When Gaga does it, it is artsy and angsty.   When Miley does it...she needs a medic?   I was so proud of her, this kind of hurts a little.   At least she still sounds great live.

What's with the tic tac toe board choreography at 2:04?
Oh and at 3:44 she does a booty drop...live...in a body suit.   And people are upset about Perez posting an upshot pic?   Yeesh.

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