Jun 29, 2010

Michael Jackson Tribute by Chris Brown @ BET Awards

Somehow it's been a year since I read the AP alert on my phone that Michael Jackson had died.   This has probably been the strangest year of my life.   Maybe the second strangest, whatever- it's up there!   I know everyone is still mad at Chris Brown for punching his then girlfriend Rihanna in the face but he is still a talented performer and this tribute is about Michael Jackson...nothing else for me.

Say what you will, he got punished for what happened.   That young man crying on stage (around 5 min mark) is in pain- over the death of a icon, the struggles he endured as a result of his actions, the reality that a seemingly insignificant moment in your life can impact you forever...learn from what happened to Michael Jackson- an incredible talent, a dreamer, a true original- who was tormented beyond belief while he was alive.   Mysteriously all of that hatred and anger is gone, now that he is no longer with us.   Stop the hatred, the suffering, the pain.   If you ever listened to a song and realized you were tapping along or humming- and ten realized it was a Michael Jackson song, then try to at least treat others the way he sang about being treated.
RIP Michael Jackson.  


  1. its a great tribute. really well done. its interesting bc what i used to tell people who bashed me for listening to michael is that whether or not he was guilty he was still an amazing artist and i didnt have to idolize him as a human being to enjoy his music. so when chris brown gets up and does an awesome tribute i have similar feeling. in my mind a guy who does what he did to a woman doesnt get forgiveness bc he cries during a song. however im not the one forgiving him. before the whole incident did people respect chris brown for being a good person? not that im aware of. so only after he shows that he can make some extremely bad choices do his fans feel like he has betrayed them. its interesting.

    if rihanna can forgive him then the world should be able to move on. im not saying that she SHOULD forgive him but its hers to give.

  2. I think it's more to the point of 'If Rihanna has moved on' so should we- and she has. Whatever else occurred, Chris Brown was sentenced and punished, so it's all in the past. If you like his music or not, that's really what you should be figuring out. For me, it was the raw pain he emoted during the Man in the Mirror. The lyrics, the tribute- it all just gave me chills. Even if it is a huge publicity stunt to gain him popularity again, the part where he absolutely broke down wasn't staged- no one would sing that badly live if it weren't real :)