Jun 21, 2010

GLEE! Jonathan Groff singing...

Singing live at Joe's Pub this past weekend- WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE BLAST IT ON FB???? I would have gone!!!!!!!
Singing 'You Don't Know' - Um, Alicia Keys is hard to sing for Alicia Keys sometimes!   Good for him for making it a jazzy cover :)    Sweet moment at 2 minutes when audience claps and he smiles.   At 3 minutes he asks the audience if anyone has a cellphone, someone hands one to him, he takes out his phone and using the other cell he dials something on it, hands it back, and then holds his phone up to his ear and says "Hello, can I please speak to" and looks down at the person and they say Michael, so he says 'to Michael?'   Very cute- smart pickup line!

Then he goes on to sing 'Here I Go Again" - I LOVE the Whitesnake version- suddenly I love his soulful version too!   He is supremely talented.

'Don't Stop Me Now'

Is that T-t-t-tina playing electric guitar in the background?

Send in more videos of him if you see him live please!

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