Jun 22, 2010

Garbage Truck Drives Up Driveway to Back of House!?!

This morning, Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 7:00am I head a loud truck outside and heard beeping and commotion...looked out the window- and saw the garbage men BACKING THEIR TRUCK UP THE DRIVEWAY to the back of the house to get the garbage!!!

 Wow. Can someone say "LAWSUIT"? I mean, forget the part about how inappropriate that is, that the driveway is private property and the truck is MUCH heavier than the cars/vans that the pavers who paved the driveway ever intended to drive on it. How about liability? What if they cause the NOTORIOUSLY FORGOTTEN oil tanks that are plentiful throughout this area to collapse and cause a sinkhole? What if they cause structural damage to the house by either hitting it or causing the ground to shift? It is absolutely ridiculous.

 I get it, there is a lot of trash and it's annoying for them to have to walk allllll the way to the back from the street for every house and drag the cans to the curb to empty them and then carry those cans alllll the way back. BUT it's their JOB- taxes pay their salary. If this job is too difficult or stressful, maybe find a different one? Anyway, I managed to capture the tail end of this chaos on video, plus 3 pictures before that- notice how at the end the driver zooms out of the driveway and the top of the truck does NOT clear the trees. Maybe I will start recording them every time they do this (this is not the first time) and start posting it...keep a record so that when they do finally cause damage, it's all documented. Awful way to start a Tuesday.

 Anyway- here is the video:

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